First episode of Bicyclosis brand new bike comic!


A month ago I’ve posted a ‘teaser’ for what’s coming in bicyclosis. A month later and I’m ready to present what I was preparing for the last month (along with the bicy lights). An original bike comic drawn exclusively for bicyclosis! Being an illustrator/comic artist I don’t understand how this idea came so late. Anyway, here is the first episode of the cycling shorts warrior!

P.S. Bicy Lights’ proper presentation is in the making (along with an extensive tutorial), so stay tuned!

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For better quality: For better quality:

Introducing… Bicy Tail Light: The best & eco-friendliest DIY bike tail light in the world!


This is a historical moment for bicyclosis, I’ve waited so long for this. Bicy light was a crazy idea I had while ago when I was bike touring in Peloponnese and I was passing by garbage after garbage on the side of the roads. Right then, I was so frustrated with the sight of endless plastic flooding in every magical place I’ve encountered, that I knew I had to think ¬†of something useful from a polluting material. In the beginning, I was thinking about making a bike light from a soda can, but later on, I decided that plastic was better suited for this project. I wanted it to be very small, waterproof, bright, tough and as efficient as possible so it wont eat batteries like candies. But even with the idea completely formed in my mind, in reality it seemed like an impossible task. Especially when everybody was telling me that this idea was impossible to make and even if I could pull it off, a bike light from ebay would be better and cheaper. Anyway, after many frustrating months of thinking, sketching, trying things and battling with myself (and a precious helping hand from my friend ‘Gearloose ‘ FIlippos) I’ve come up with the basic design that seem to be working. After some more days I had the prototype. I was so happy I can’t describe it. And all that for a tiny bike light that I could find on ebay for 1$. But mine is made out of garbage that I found on the street and it’s much much much better than anything else!

That’ all for now, I will come back soon with more!

By the way, be patient, I will back up my statement (that bicy light is the best DIY bike light in the world) soon! And you will agree with me!

Here is a pic of this amazing little guy:



And this is where I found it!
reclaiming plastic bottles

What happens when you refuse to change your rims


Few days back I was riding my donkey on a downhill road when suddenly the front wheel of the bike stopped like I had squeezed the brakes with all my strength. It is a miracle that somehow I managed to survive the fall and don’t faceplant on the middle of the busy crossroad ahead. When I recuperated from the fright I started looking for the problem. It was dark and I couldn’t see that the breaking pads were stuck on the destroyed rim. After some tries, I gave up, took the bike on my shoulder and turn around to go home. What happened was that those old rims (around 15 years old) have become so thin over the years that the inner tube broke it and got out in the first change.

You grow and you learn (not to keep your rims for more than 14 years):). Anyway, I took an old rusty rim from the basement, cleaned it, grease it and make it work nicely.

broken rim

broken rim