Bike commuting vs car commuting (comic)


I have been meant to make a comic about the joy of commuting in comparison to the misery inside the metal box, and I finally found some time to make it. It’s about the simple truth that all the fellow bike commuters know and makes all the difference in the world! bike commuting makes you happier!

Feel free to share it if you agree!

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bike comic_bike commuting

A small film with a big heart


I rarely post something that’s not written or made by me for bicyclosis, but this time I feel that the video bellow is quite important and really expresses some very important values. While my country Greece goes through some hard and critical times and disunity is spreading like wild fire among its people, a small film like this seem to know the answer to put us back on track.

A hack to protect your commuters’ pump from thieves


When I commute, I rarely have a pump on the bike because I’m afraid it will eventually get stolen (like my lights a year ago). Having it on the bike and then take it with me every time I park my bike, wouldn’t work either for me, because that would require me to wear a backpack as well. So, I’ve decided a long time ago to have a pump only on the bike that is used for bike trips and live with the possibility of a flat tire in my daily commutes. But, as the experience taught me, this possibility is not negligibly small at all. In various occasions I had to drag my heavy bike for 5 or 10 klm.

Having thought about all that, a small hack struck my mind. Why not strap a cheap pump with a reusable zip tie? That way the pump is safely secured on its mount and makes a possible thief to put some effort in order to figure out how the mount releases the pump. That effort requires time and time is a luxurious necessity for opportunistic thieves. Especially if your pump is not that fancy!

Also, reusable zip ties are not that common and most people don’t even know they exist, especially if you hide the part that makes it recognisable under the water bottle. If they want your 8$ pump, make them work!

A cheap pump will do the work in the case of a flat tire but the strong zip tie won't let opportunist thieves to take it without a fight!

A cheap pump will do the work in the case of a flat tire! The strong zip tie won’t let opportunist thieves to take it (if for some reason they want it so bad) without a fight!