‘Old, sick and tired for a big bike trip’ tour in Mnt. Erimanthos


After a quite long time the old bike gang ‘fart cyclists’ who used to roam around the country, managed to gather up again and leave for another epic bike journey. 

Unfortunately, this time some of us were insufficiently trained, some others injured or sick with the flu, so the trip ends up being the shortest (in regards to mileage coverage) in the team’s history. Actually, it was so short that in 4 days we covered less distance by bike than we usually cover in one day. We had lots of huge breaks, few hours on the saddle a day, a lot of food and too much farting to our own good (we found our old good selves).  The route (to my surprise) was really beautiful and we had so much fun cycling it. It also made me realize that bike trips (and maybe trips in general) in humble and not hyped areas are usually more entertaining, more surprising, more interesting and more beautiful. A humble bike route in its own simplicity offers something that glamorous routes can’t offer, authenticity. Like people and their personalities, the places that many people visit and like usually become fake and their own identity die off with time to be replaced with something that sells more. And that is something that we, the bike enthusiasts, never appreciate.

The route and the kmz file.

The video: As always coming soon (hopefully in this lifetime)

The Phototravelogue:

This is where all our journeys start. We had some cheese pies for breakfast while we were waiting for Stathis who is always late!
After some kilometers in a familiar part of the route thick rain made us look for shelter. Fortunately, we found this little kiosk to protect us from rain while eating out lunch.
The rain got very heavy an hour later and we were desperate to find a cover. A good Samaritan and his wife was good enough to invite us to his house and offer us some ouzo.
What can you say about my bizarre cycling outfit!
I had a dream sleep in that building we found on our way. A room for the bikes and a room for us!
Stupid jokes never cease to entertain. Thodoros was sneakily holding Stathis bike while he was trying to start riding…
A typical image of the fart cyclists, break after break for little snacks and small talk.
One of the highlights of this trip was this amazing alternative route after Chrisopigi village that a Local told us about. This is the way to find new exciting routes, talk with the locals!
While we were looking at the map to see what’s out next move we saw this goat changing owners in front of us.
I am usually not in pictures because I am the photographer, so here one with me and the rest of the group!
Only in Greece, a basketball course on the mountains with grass on the floor!
Another good sleep next to a small church after Menichteika Village. It was a beautiful place with a magnificent view of Erimanthos mountain, rivers, and big green fields. In the photo, me and Nikos sleeping early in the morning
This was the path right outside the gate of the little church. I really liked this place.
After only 7 kilometers (!!) we had reached the destination of the day, Michas villages! We left our bikes and started hiking the beautiful mountain (me with SPD shoes!). It was a beautiful sunny day and the mountain was a magical place.
We hiked all the way to a small hill after the pass before the top of the mountain. We had 360 degrees of fantastic view.
A few hours later we came back to start preparing a nice area for our last sleep. The next day we had to cover 50 or so easy kilometers to return home. It was one of the good trips I have had, and I am already dreaming about our next one 😀





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