My humble bikes

I have three oldtimers, and a modern one. I have never had a brand new bicycle in my life (except from the bike I got when I was a kid). Not that I am a snob or a vintage lover (although I LOVE old steel), it just happened. When I was younger I didn’t have the money to buy a new one – 3 of my bikes were resurrected in my hands (with spare parts from friends, garbage bins or hacks) – and now that I have money I don’t have the space for a new one!

First, the Italian legend Legnano road bike. I’m not sure about the model but its made by Emilio Bozzi & Co and it’s from the early seventies. A friend of my father left it in our house. I found it wounded and depressed in my parents garage in the times I was desperate to find a bike. I transformed it into a beautiful and exotic horse. It’s 90% campagnolo, 10% shimano. The fork used to be green but an idiot paint it black without my permission.

Legnano road bike

Then, the frenchie, ‘Mercier Special tour de France’. It used to be my fathers (he got it second hand) but it got wrecked and he left it. I took it under my wing fixing it and making it alive again. Very nice bike, stable, fast and very responsive, it used to be my main commuter until I change back to the Greek donkey. I gifted this bike to a friend.


And then, the Greek donkey, ‘Ideal target MTB’ from 80’s (I think 1986). An old mountain bike from the biggest bicycle manufacturer in Greece. I don’t know much about it, only that’s the first mountain bike from this company and it used to be a pricey high range bicycle . It hasn’t stopped rolling since the late 80’s and the last 7 years it’s been always loaded with heavy rack panniers or bags full of groceries. All it’s components are cheap second hand spare parts which I put together myself. It does a lot of kilometers every day no matter the weather and I haven’t had complaints so far. Very very very cool bicycle. I love it like a brother. You can read some words I wrote about its original owner here


Last but not least, the new addition to the family. The mule. A hybrid bike bought second hand from a  friend, so the Greek donkey can have a rest for all those years of touring. It usually wears a Kalathuna and a Rackatabla.


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