[Stubborn BB DIY fix] How to secure the BB removal tool to a square taper BB with a piece of rope and how you can use an IKEA table leg as an amazingly effective lever

Using a simple technique, I designed a very easy to make contraption that can secure the BB removal tool surprisingly well on the BB’s cup. There is a special tool for that but costs 30$. Then using IKEA’s standard metal table leg as a lever (5$) I removed the stubborn BB in seconds! You can read some instructions under the pictures bellow!


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  1. Paweu says:

    Alternatively, you could get an M8 fine pitch (1mm) bolt, screw it with a nut and wide washer through a tool and then secure the tool with said nut.

    1. Bicyclosis says:

      The problem is that you cant find easily a bolt with the threading of the BB, atleast in my area

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