How to Easily repair your worn out saddles!

I bought my commuter’s saddle 4 years ago from a local bike shop that had put a bin outside full with cheap old stock saddles. It was a mediocre, old – almost vintage – Bassano that although not very comfortable in the beginning I grew into liking it after a while. Fast forward to recent times, the saddle is still functional but the cover skin is hold up together by few layers of duct tape. If it wasn’t for my new job where I park my bike inside the office I would have kept the saddle with the duct tape. But, the bike is parked right at the entrance of a design studio and I wanted my bike to look nice. So I bought a piece of leather, cleaned the saddle from the old synthetic leather and turn it into a new saddle in few mins!

It is a very easy procedure that can save almost any worn out saddle out there.

Things you are going to need:

  • A piece of leather (you can find very cheap from leftovers – or from your old leather jacket . Note: It shouldn’t be very thick, also one side should be slick)
  • Staple gun (cheap and useful)
  • Quality double-faced tape (I used this one). Some people recommend spray glue – I find that with double-faced tape is much easier and neat.
  • Pair of scissors


(Hover on pics to see the directions)



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