My grandad, the cyclist

I ‘ve never wrote in this blog about my grandfather. I wasn’t planning to, but I stumbled upon his *wooden bike in a website today and I felt the need to share some words about him. He used to be a very recognizable figure in my city, because of his daily bike commute to work in times where bicycles were not a common sight in the streets. He used to commute by bike every day of the week, for many, many years, until he was too sick to do it (in his early 80’s). He worked as the CEO and main engineer in his own timber construction company, one of the biggest and oldest in the country (by a weird coincidence it went bankrupt right after his death  – during the first years of the crisis). He could buy any car in the market but he chose to stick to an old bicycle – and a humble Fiat Tipo.

He is the second from the left. This pic is from a scout hike on his favorite mountain (Erimanthos).

He never allowed us the kids to ride his bicycle, but after his death, I was free to take and ride his trusty friend (It still is my commuter and I ride it daily) and feel this overwhelming feeling of nostalgia.

He was one of the most ethical men I’ve ever known and his love and passion for his craft and the outdoors will always be an inspiration for me.

*You can see in the picture bellow one of the wooden bicycles he designed few years before his death, to give it as a gift to his loyal associates.

wooden bicycle

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