Kalathuna (instrutions for a DIY heavy duty touring/commuting basket) are coming soon on bicyclosis!

After some bicycle trips with my friend Aris whose bike has a small basket, I was certain that I had to make one myself for tours and big rides. It is undeniably an incredibly useful device that just makes so many things easier.

As I usually do, instead of buying one, I sat down and tried to design one that fills my own needs. I wanted it to be very tough, very cheap, very easy to make with simple tools and it should also be able to carry a big load. After weeks of rejecting concepts and materials (it became almost an obsession) I had a notebook full of sketches! Even after the finalization of the design process, I had to find the time to make it (a proof of concept process that becomes very time-consuming). Eventually, right before the day I set to leave for a small Christmas bicycle trip, I’ve managed to have it ready on my bike.

A 4 day tour and a heavy load on asphalt and gravel road was a fine test for the Kalathuna. I have to say I am so happy with it! I will publish an article with the instructions soon (way simpler than you would have expected)!


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