An easy remedy for slippery pedals

If you ever experienced slippery pedals on a rainy day you know very well how dangerous and annoying it can be. It can definitely get you killed, especially if you commute on high traffic roads like me. That problem appeared recently on my bike when I replaced my old beat-up pedals with some new-ish ones….

How to carry your gym bag on your rear rack

Hello there! After 6 months since the last time I wrote a blog post, I felt it was time to sit and write a post about something. The mighty bike is still a very important aspect of my life (almost 12 years on the streets!) and I always have new ideas or bike trips or…

How to Easily repair your worn out saddles!

I bought my commuter’s saddle 4 years ago from a local bike shop that had put a bin outside full with cheap old stock saddles. It was a mediocre, old – almost vintage – Bassano that although not very comfortable in the beginning I grew into liking it after a while. Fast forward to recent…

Furniture pads on the grips!

I usually leave my bike leaning against the wall in the hallway resulting some marks on the wall from the handlebar ends. Also, Sometimes, the hard metal ends of the grips being very slippery againsf a hard surface like the wall, make the bike unstable and very easy to fall off with the slightest push….

THE Emergency patch

A few weeks ago while we were on the beach and just had a swim, I discovered that my back tire was flat. As usual I always forget to bring patches with me in small trips so Filippos was my only hope (he always carries way more than the essentials ). He actually had two patch kits…