One life, one rule: Be you t-shirt

You probably don’t know it, but I work as an illustrator and designer freelancing on the web. Recently my friend Dimis from iknognito asked me to create an illustration for him to screenprint in his lab (Patras, Greece). I was free to create whatever I wanted, so I chose to make a character that could resonate with the oldschool cyclist in me. I made a scrawny, rough wolf riding his bike with flies all over him (that looks deliberately ambiguous). You can read ‘One Life One Rule Be you’ underneath him. The concept is the  opposite of what the modern society is all about: Glamour. Glamour is for fakes. The message here is just be yourself at any cost. Even if you are an ugly, miserably looking, lonely wolf.

Dimis is a very passionate screenprinting technician and incredible designer whose work is always a labour of true love.

If you are interested in the shirt, you can buy it from here


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