The Magic of Bike Overnights

I love traveling by bicycle, it’s the most enjoyable and rich experience an adult can have in my opinion. Though it’s one of those rare things that is neither bad for our health or our wallet (on the contrary), it requires something that’s rarely available in our hectic times. This scarce commodity is of course, time.  A proper bicycle trip requires at least few days or even months (some do it for years) from your life and that can’t happen easily if you have a 5 day job or a family.  So, what we could do? Bike overnights! When I can’t escape the harsh city life for some days or more I take my bicycle and I go to a nice place on a mountain, a forest, a historical sight or any place that has something to show me. To enjoy it and absorb any ounce of it, I stay there for a night -without a tent- and I spend few hours there to explore it the next morning before I get back home. Most of the times, it takes less than 48 hours and the food I have with me is usually home cooked (eggs, potatoes, spinach pies, cookies, fresh vegetables, pasta). Because of those humble bike overnights my love for the bicycle and nature is still ever growing. The memories are countless and always joyful (even from the trip with 5 flats in a 5 km distance).

You can’t go far, but you can still discover some nice places and have a great time. Instead of catching out with friends in a cafeteria, go out with bicycles and spend some time in nature!

I’ve made a small video from a recent bike trip to celebrate and share the simple beauty of bike overnights.

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    I do a few tours a year with friends, the longest being a four day weekend and they’re AWESOME. We camp or get a hotel room for the night though. 😎

    1. Bicyclosis says:

      Go and have a sleep directly under the stars for once, asap!

      1. bgddyjim says:

        Yeah, no. The pop-up is close enough!

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