The unorthodox DIY (that should inspire us)

Two months ago, I stumbled upon this sight. A cheap mountain bike full of weird hacks. At first, as a modern man and cyclist, you disregard everything he’s done. You see him as a hobo and a vandal and you refuse to call him a cyclist. But let’s see it from an other perspective: First of all, it’s top tube is missing! That is so radical, your eyes can’t see it at first. I am guessing the owner hack sawed it so he can get easier on the bike! That means, he sacrificed the integrity of the frame for usability. That’s crazy! Is it?

DIY bicycle rack


My guess -as a non-engineer- is that a metal frame like this could actually hold up for commuting use without its top tube. This bike is heavy and cheap, it was not intended to ride on rough terrain anyway. So, if it was made to be ridden on asphalt, why carrying all this metal? Also, this guy is probably an old man without too much money to buy a new step through bike or fit body to get on and off a high top tube bike easily. For the conservative use he does every day running errands a beat up cheap mountain bike without the top tube is perfect!

What about the completely handmade contraption at the back. Though it looks horrible at first, if you take a good look at it you will be amazed about how much out of the box this guy thinks. He used two sticks he found from his garden or the bin to make the ‘legs’ of the rack. Then using wire and an old crate he completed the base of the rack. I felt it and it was quite sturdy. It’s interesting how he reinforced the connection between the crate-rack and the frame/saddle!

Lastly, a common practice for decaying saddles around the world. Ropes and brown tape hold this saddle together. It looks bad for modern standard, yes, but how about wear resilience and waterproofness with a zero budget?

Now, do you think a bike like that can be stolen? Do thieves would go into the trouble of stealing it looking like this? I bet, even without a lock, this bike is stealproof!

This guy thinking truly outside the box created something without thinking what others might think about it. He just wanted to make this bike to fit his needs, to make it his own. Isn’t it interesting that an ugly thing like this can make us think the way we look at things?

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Yeah, no… that thing is gnarly. Unstealable maybe not, but it definitely can’t be sold if stolen. People steal stupid stuff all the time, just to steal it.

    1. Bicyclosis says:

      Someone must be a very special breed of thief if he would go through a whole lot of trouble to steal this!

      1. bgddyjim says:

        Dude, I have a job going in Detroit. The crap I’ve heard of being stolen would boggle your mind.

      2. Bicyclosis says:

        Oh, that makes sense. My father worked shortly there as a barman in the 70’s. He left few days after he almost got killed in a burglary. Crazy place!

      3. bgddyjim says:

        Yep, that’s why I live about 55 miles north! Much nicer up here.

      4. Bicyclosis says:

        That’s a good daily commute, 55 miles to work! 😀

      5. bgddyjim says:

        LOL! I’d be run over inside a week!

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