A bicycle, the rackatabla and a big crate makes carrying groceries a breeze!

The most useful project of bicyclosis must be the Rackatabla. For those that don’t know it yet, you can have a look here and here. In brief, it’s a piece of plywood that can be strapped on the rack with a piece of rope. Using a technique I call ‘the big knot rope’ one can easily and quickly make the rackatabla an extension of the rack. Except from the big space, it also provides handles and holes for the bungee cords to hook on and go though, so the rackatabla, the rack and the load becomes one thing. So much so, that it enables you to carry big loads and ride freely like a maniac even on the nastiest mountain roads without worrying about a thing (I’ve done it many times). Also, the big space of the rackatabla is ideal for carrying your favorite suitcase or backpack and ride to your destination. You want to go to the airport fast? Or to the foothills of a mountain and then take the backpack and start hiking? Just take your bike with the rackatabla! It’s also perfect for small tours or overnighters.

Front side of Rackatabla
Front side
Back side of Rackatabla
Back side

Recently I decided to try it on my Greek donkey for the week’s groceries. I ‘ve been always carrying the groceries on my back with a backpack, but the load is heavy (usually more than 20kg) and it’s not very convenient. So, I tied the rackatabla and an old big crate on my trusty commuter and left for the street market. When I had everything I wanted from the market in different plastic bags (reusable ones of course) I piled them into the crate one by one – soft fruits and vegetables on the top – and secured them with few bungee cords and off I went. It worked perfectly! It’s amazing how simple things can make your life easier!

Read this article for a more recent take on carrying groceries by bike

My sexy Greek donkey!
My sexy Greek donkey!

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