The Bicycle Cabinet: Reinventing the rack panniers

Giannis aka The Other Greece is one of the most respected and experienced bicycle tourists in Greece. In the last 30 years, he has travelled hundreds of thousands of kilometres with his bike all around Greece and abroad. He also designed and created many of the bicycle gear he uses in his tours: bags, trailers, cycling shorts, lights etc. One of his most recent creations is the Bicycle Cabinet or Closet which he used in his latest bicycle tour in Greece’s biggest mountain range, Pindos. He found it to be extremely practical and amazingly durable even on Pindos’ rough mountain roads. It’s also very cheap (he used scrap light timber) and easy to make. It even reminds me of my infamous rackatabla (which I use all the time). DIY is the way to go!

Here are some pics of the project:












DIY bike touring

If you can read Greek, you can check out his blog or see his huge collection of amazing pictures.

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  1. Ricki says:

    That contraption must weight a ton. Be breaking spokes regularly.

    1. Pandoheas says:

      Hello Ricki,

      It’s actually way more light that you would imagine. It’s made out of soft and light scrap timber.

  2. iason says:

    With al the respect, breaking spokes has to do with the structure of the wheel, not with a few kgs of weight more. May times i have carried extreme weights in my 36-spoke back wheel and i never had broken spokes — sidenote: i have studied how to build a wheel! FYI, the thing weighs about 1,3 kg more than my two Ortiebs together, which is absolutely acceptable for something that gives you the ability to double the gear you can carry.

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