The Ninja Camper’s Manifesto

The Ninja Camper’s Manifesto

A Ninja Camper is the one who never leaves any traces behind.

The Ninja Camper sets up tent at a magical little corner in nature, greedily takes in the eerie harmony of sounds and images and returns back home, taking with him/her even the tiniest indication of his/her ever having been there. In fact, if the camper sees any tactless leftovers from others, he/she removes them immediately to ensure that the area remains pure and unspoilt.

The Ninja Camper doesn’t take a dump wherever and whenever he/she feels like.
Upon arrival, he/she finds the most suitable spot to use as natural lavatory, some distance away from the camping area. He/she also makes sure that the chosen location is nowhere near a riverside or any other water source.

Using a portable shovel or simply a stout twig, the Ninja Camper opens up a hole in the ground and, having “done his/her business”, he/she covers it all up with dirt and leaves. Under no circumstances does he/she place stones on top of it, as it would prevent rainwater from seeping into the ground and accessing the spot (the most important factor for natural decomposition.) A true Ninja Camper also never uses toilet paper, just a little water instead. If the camper can’t help it, he/she will use some toilet paper but WILL NOT bury the used paper once finished, knowing full well that the chemicals in it could damage the soil. Ideally, the camper wraps the used paper up in leaves and disposes of it in a makeshift bin.

The shreds of brown-stained toilet paper flattering in the wind like flags of shame in bushes and shrubs and the stink of defecation that lingers in the air should not even be present in abandoned mental institutes, let alone at a picturesque natural landscape.

The Ninja Camper does not try to change nature to suit his/her needs; on the contrary, the camper adjusts to nature’s rules.

He/she does not visit the forest for a barbeque, because, apart from the disastrous fire hazard it poses (especially during the summer), there’s also the aesthetic pollution that the ash, charred wood, blackened stones and luxurious meal litter cause – particularly when this is imitated repeatedly by many others at the exact same site.

If, due to circumstances, he/she is forced to or needs to that badly, the camper lights a campfire at a clearing and, after finishing, cleans up the area from any soot and stones.

Finally, the Ninja Camper does not cause noise pollution.

The camper appreciates the peace and quiet that nature provides, because he/she knows that they are a truly rare commodity.
He/she seeks out the music in the natural sounds of the birds, the river stream or the whistling wind, not the deafening racket of some sound system.

A peaceful coexistence with the forest/sea/mountain creatures, as well as with fellow campers, can only be achieved when everyone respects the natural serenity of the host setting.

In conclusion, a Ninja Camper is anyone who demonstrates his/her love for nature with actions, keeping it unsoiled from human intrusion. Every outing should take place in such a manner that the next visitor cannot even make out the presence of the one before him/her.

After all, the next visitor could very well be our own son or daughter.


Written by me, translated by C. Polydorou

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