THE smelly sandals solution!

As some you may have noticed by now (from articles like this or this) I am a big fan of sandals. During summer I wear sandals for running to hiking, and of course cycling. Their advantages over shoes are many and well known, so I won’t going to mention them here. I am, though, going to write about a remedy I use to fix completely a very annoying problem they often have. The stinky odor that makes a lot of people buy new ones! If it wasn’t the remedy I would have to throw two fine pair of sandals in the bin!

Just try it and thank me later!
Here it is:
Firstly, we have to clean the sandals. To do that we need an old toothbrush, warm water, salt and liquid soap (bubble bath is fine). We pour some warm water in a cup (half the cup maybe), along with few spoons of salt, soap and we stir. It shouldn’t be too watery.

Scrub the sandals clean using the toothbrush (NOTE: we brush everything and thoroughly on the sandals). Rinse soap with tap water.
stinky sandals 1

Then fill a plastic basin with a mix of warm water and vinegar(80% water – 20% vinegar or more). Place the sandals inside, put something heavy on top so they remain underwater and leave them there for the night.
stinky sandals 2

Next morning, take the sandals out and cover them with baking powser while they are wet. With your hand try to make the powder go everywhere. Leave the sandals like that for the whole day under the sun. Wouldn’t hurt if you leave them like that for more days.
stinky sandals 3

Remember to wash your feet before you wear them; that way you will prolong the period they stay fresh and smelly-free (it’s been a month and my sandals don’t smell at all )!

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