Great idea! DIY bicycle chain lock

I was very surprised when I saw that bicycle locked up with a DIY lock made from an old chain. How I haven’t thought of that? Brilliant idea if you consider how easy it is to get a free old bicycle chain and how much stronger it is from the average cable lock. If you don’t have enough money to buy a proper lock or if you don’t have an extra lock for your beater,  you know what you can make to keep your bike safe (relatively).
DIY bicycle chain lock

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  1. e says:

    clever idea but easy to break in with a simple chain tool

    1. Pandoheas says:

      That’s true, but it’s very unusual for a thief to carry a chain tool in his pocket.

      1. if says:

        Too many *potential thieves* do have a chain tool! Clever idea, sure, but it would also be a clever theft!

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