Basketball bins Project

Two months ago, Greek Free/Open Source Software Society run a competition about designing and constructing open source objects you can find in public space (benches, bus stops, smart lamps etc ). I filed my proposal at the last second before the deadline and waited to receive the rejection. Instead, I received an email saying that my project was chosen to be funded and used by some public schools in Greece.

So, here is my project. Is not bike related but it is very much in line with bicyclosis spirit:

The ‘Basketball bins’ is a new type of bins that invite the students of a school (or the adults in a square) to throw their garbage in the appropriate bin – depending on the type of the garbage – aiming at the hoop of the construction that resembles the well known basketball game. With the help of those bins bins school yards will be cleaner, the kids learn in a fun way about waste and the importance of recycling, and they also acquire a good habit that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

The construction requires very cheap materials and it is very easy to made!

You can find all the project files, info etc here

The original design in 3d
basketball bins project
Basketball bins in action
A demonstration

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