In the footsteps of Erymanthian Boar…again (Photo travelogue)

A week ago, me and some friends decided to visit and sleep on Erymanthos again. A big beautiful mountain in the central Greece. According to the Greek mythology mount Erymanthos was the place where the Erymanthian boar used to live before it was killed by Hercules.

We decided to climb the mountain from the northern part where an old deserted monastery is located inside a gorge. Waterfalls and other beautiful things were also present around the ruins. During the 1700’s, the monks used it as a church while they were living in caves around the area. It was deserted many years later due to extreme weather conditions.

The trip was easy enough but the mountain was huge and we wanted some time to explore the area. So, we gathered up on Friday morning to leave the city while the sun was not so hot and we rode in a very relaxing pace with huge breaks inbetween where we were eating, chilling and talking while replenishing our water supplies.

After many hours on the road we got lost and decided to call it a day. The next way we found our way with the help of some locals and managed to find the old monastery. The sight was really spectacular with all those ruins hanging on a huge rock inside the gorge. Waterfalls were also beautiful, as well the ledge where we spent the next night.

You can find some photos bellow and a compilation of GoPro videos from the journey. .

bike ride
Easy and relaxed pace. We have all day to enjoy the scenery!
bike ride chilling
George is having a rest after the big climb to the Spartia village
mountain bike path
One of my favorites moments of the journey. As we ride on this ebautiful mountain path we are getting Closer and closer to the first water source
Goats standing still and watching us as we are climbing the hill to Fox village
The beautiful gorge
Chilling in my natural bathtub!
A wonderful spot to rest for the night!
waterfall mountain
Me at the top of a waterfall trying to listen what they guys are shouting at me
Mitsos is reading his book ‘The call of the wild’ with the waterfall in the background
Going into the gorge to find the ruins of the old monastery

Unfortunately due to the song copyrights, people from Germany can’t watch it 😦

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