The book that taught me almost everything I know about bike fixing

I think it’s obvious to the bicyclosis reader that I love bicycles. They ‘ve been making my every day life simpler and happier since I fell in love with mountain biking in 2005. Most of the time, the bikes responsible for that joy are not the usual shiny expensive ones you see on the front page of chainreaction, but, on the contrary, they are very old, a bit rusty and full of second hand parts. I would never think of spending all that time on a wasted bicycle if I’d have the money back then. I would buy a new one in a second and never looked back. But fortunately at the time I had to fix what I already had. And when I did that, I gained incredible experience that would mold my mentality towards cycling forever. I can’t see my bicycles as toys or ‘hobby’ now. I feel like I created them. They have so much spare time and frustration in their parts and so much lovely memories in their frames!


All this knowledge wouldn’t be possible without a magnificent book that taught me almost everything I know (and still learning from). It’s the critically acclaimed Lennard Zinn’s ‘Zinn and the art of mountain bike maintenance‘. It’s so helpful and well written that I doubt there’s a better way to learn how to fix bike problems and understand the mechanics behind this simple but beautiful machine. The latest updated version is a bit expensive now (although it totally worths it) but you you can buy a used one on if you don’t mind a more worn out version.

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