DIY gear-brake inner end caps from Palm tree seeds

While I was on holidays in the beautiful village of Finikounta (The village of Palm trees) I discovered the amazing seed of the Palm tree. I was so excited with them that I couldn’t resist the temptation to collect more than 50 in my pockets. The palm tree seed (ofcourse, it depends on the variety) it ‘s a beautiful oval-shaped little thing with a plastic-like material that’s tough and durable. It really looks and feel like plastic while its fresh.

So, while I was examing it I had this crazy idea. Why don’t we use those little durable seeds on the end of the brake inner ends instead of the metal caps you find in the shops. Because they shrink a bit over time as they are drying up, they can stuck on the end of the cable for a long time.

The precedure is very simple. You just drill a hole in the end of the seed with a dremel big enough to fit the cable snuggly.

It’s a radical idea but why not try it out? It looks quite nice!


Bicycle palm tree

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