The decay of vision

My obsession with open spaces and the horizon started suddenly some years ago in an old district somewhere in my city while I was looking for a place with quality veggie pies. I wandered around for some time looking for someone to point me in the right direction, but because of the time and day, everything was closed and the people were in their houses sleeping. So, as I was walking I stumbled upon a square, which was unknown to me.

When I arrived there, I felt something extraordinary. A feeling that felt like I took a deep breath after being underwater. I looked up, left and right for a sign of a divine presence, but nothing. Everything looked human and ordinary. The neighborhood around was under populated and meager, with silent little houses and pretty gardens left unkempt. Peacefulness, a small breeze and the clear blue sky above.

The cure for achy eyes. Divine greeness
The cure for aching eyes. Divine greeness

Why I was feeling like that? As I walked amongst the houses, it became apparent to me. I was feeling like I could breathe again because my vision was not restricted anymore!
Suddenly, someone took my blinders away. I could see the sky wherever I looked and in the distance, beautiful snowy mountains through a crystal clear atmosphere. My eyes, through a simple walk in the old neighborhood, were released suddenly from the tired hard muscles that kept them for years in a close focusing. Finally, I could see far away!

Unfortunately, I didn’t visit this area again as I have forgotten how I ended up there. But my trips to the mountains, offer me similar experiences. We modern humans of the cities, are condemned to live in ant colonies. Our jobs, make us focus our vision on objects only some cm’s away from us for an exhaustive number of hours. Technology makes things smaller and smaller, while it makes smart devices more complicated to use. This makes us spend a large portion of the day looking at them. Out entertainment is also enclosed into tiny spaces, from bars to coffee shops, to cinemas and videogames. We’ve spent all our lives with natural blinders.

How can we free our spirit and soul?

Entrapped within walls, the show of our life is constrained into a boring one-act play that oppresses our creative brain. Natural blinders, imaginable blinders, one causes the other and both create a vicious circle.Because you comprehend the world through your vision, by clipping it I imagine it would have some consequences. Actually, a scientist published lately an experiment that confirms practically what we already know, that our vision dominates all the other senses.

Vision shapes our brain the most.

Without having any scientific hard facts, judging only from my experience, I can confidently say that those consequences affect our imagination, the ability to think with an open mind, our creativity and our mood. And for the last one, again speaking from experience, a small walk or ride in places with a big view, always lights me up.
But not only this, the submarine lifestyle has symptoms on our physical health. Dr. Francis Young, putting canopies on monkeys head blocking their ability to see long distances, proved that restricted vision causes short-sightedness. And that is easy for someone to confirm by looking at people in their daily life. It’s rare to meet farmers with glasses, but what about University professors?

A theory says that the peripheral eye muscles are responsible for focusing the vision, when they are not relaxed by looking at far distances get hard and inelastic and they don’t work effectively ever again. The point is that our eyes and our brain require openness. As the joke goes ‘brains and parachutes work only if they are open’.I don’t say that we should all move to villages and open spaces, but we can visit all those exquisite places often and enjoy this openness. And thank God we have a lot!

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