That made my day!

Is there a better way to start your day than meeting a 86 years old cyclist with a bike almost as old as him?

Today as I was locking my bike on a pole, an old fella came along with a beautiful old Bismarck, said to me with a smile “does your bike wants some company?” and parked his bike next to mine. He came to pay his electricity bills.

He sparked my curiosity right away, so when I finish the job I came to do, I waited next to his bike for the old man to show up. When he did, I started asking about him and his bike.

He has been riding bicycles nonstop since he was 12 years old. Now he is 86. He bought his current bike second hand 50 years ago. It was quite old even when he got it.

Also, nothing changed on the bike (except from the tires, break pads etc I presume). Imagine that this leather saddle survived rain and Greek sun for decades! It’s mind boggling!

I love meeting those grandpas with their immortal bikes, they really are an inspiration! Imaging cycling for 50 years on the same bicycle!

When I asked him why he doesn’t change his bike for a better and lighter one he said “Lots of people offered me good money to buy it as an antique, but I can’t give him away now, he’s my friend”

Nothing but respect for the old man!

Unfortunately his rider didn't want his photograph taken.
Unfortunately his rider didn’t want his photograph taken.

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  1. Ampelonas says:

    His age is greater than the sum of the spokes of his bike! impressive..

  2. Pandoheas says:

    Also his age is greater than the average cyclist’s age X2 🙂

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