Introducing… the bicy Light: The best & eco-friendliest DIY bike tail light in the world!

Bicy light was a crazy idea I had while ago when I was bike touring in Peloponnese and I was passing by garbage after garbage on the side of the roads. Right then, I was so frustrated with the sight of endless plastic flooding every magical place I’ve encountered, that I knew I had to think of something useful from this polluting material. After hours of daydreaming I had the basic concept in my head. A bicycle light made out of plastic bottles. I wanted it to be very small, waterproof, bright, tough and as efficient as possible so it wont eat batteries like candies. But even with the idea completely formed in my mind, in reality it seemed like an impossible task. After many frustrating months of thinking, sketching, trying things (and a precious helping hand from my friend ‘Gearloose ‘ FIlippos) and battling with the urge to quit, I’ve come up with the basic design that seemed to be working. After some more days I had the prototype. I was so happy I can’t describe it. And all that for a tiny bike light that I could find on ebay for 1$. But mine is made out of garbage that I found on the streets and it’s much better than anything else!

That’ all for now, I will come back soon with more!

By the way, be patient, I will back up my statement (that bicy light is the best DIY bike light in the world) soon! And you will agree with me!

Here is a pic of this amazing little guy:



And this is where I found it!
reclaiming plastic bottleshe

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  1. GodDamned says:

    Amazing idea and implementation! Hope to see more clever ecohacks like this one in the near future

    1. Pandoheas says:

      Thanks! This blog is all about that!

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