What happens when you refuse to change your rims

Few days back I was riding my donkey on a downhill road when suddenly the front wheel of the bike stopped like I had squeezed the brakes with all my strength. It is a miracle that somehow I managed to survive the fall and don’t faceplant on the middle of the busy crossroad ahead. When I recuperated from the fright I started looking for the problem. It was dark and I couldn’t see that the breaking pads were stuck on the destroyed rim. After some tries, I gave up, took the bike on my shoulder and turn around to go home. What happened was that those old rims (around 15 years old) have become so thin over the years that the inner tube broke it and got out in the first change.

You grow and you learn (not to keep your rims for more than 14 years):). Anyway, I took an old rusty rim from the basement, cleaned it, grease it and make it work nicely.

broken rim

broken rim

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