How to make the best DIY trouser strap in the world (works as leather bracelet too!)

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I love trouser straps, they are one of the most important accessories of my bicycle life. I’ve bought several types over the years but I’ve never really found one that is tough for everyday use and convenient enough at the same time. So, I ‘ve sat down and designed one myself. Using again scrap materials. I ‘ve designed it having 3 objectives in my head a) It should be classy and neat b) It should be made out of wasted materials c) It should be easy to strap on and off d) it should fit everywhere after you use it and e) It should be easy to make.

I’ve come up with a design that looks very nice and it works better than anything I’ve used before. It ticks all the above objective boxes. actually it exceeds all my expectations. Here how it looks:

DIY trouser straps

DIY leather trouser straps

What you are going to need:

  •  A piece from an old belt (or a piece from an old jean or even a peace from a plastic container)
  •  An old inner tube
  • Sewing materials OR Eyelets
  • A piece of wire
  • Pliers

You begin by cutting the belt in the appropriate length (See how much it takes to go around your leg and then subtract 5cm or so). Make some holes on it if it doesnt have already. Then using a razor, cut a little rectangle so the piece of tube can slide through (I shouldn’t make it that thick). Sew it on the end or use an eyelet as I did in mine.

DIY trouser straps

Do the same for the other end. Take the wire now and make a shape as the one you see in the pic. Open it and make it slide through the end loop. With the help of pliers make it fit nicely into the loop and then make a little hook out of it. Make sure the hook angle is NOT so acute as mine, so you can unhook it easier.

DIY trouser straps

DIY trouser straps

You are ready! Using the pinching technique shown above you can easily unhook it.

DIY trouser straps

Looks like this when folded:
folded trouser strap

You can leave it on your bike. It looks cool:


Also wear it on your wrist! It could be a fashionable leather bracelet!!



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  1. SombraCycle says:

    These look super nice! I like the way they strap onto the frame, since I don’t use leather I can suggest a very cool material as a substitute: Tree Tie – or more specifically reinforced tree tie straps. its super strong and smells like a bicycle shop 🙂 and it doesn’t leave markings since its butyl rubber. only problem is its tricky to get, usually e-bay uk.

    Happy rides,
    Ofer Canfi

  2. Pandoheas says:

    Hello Ofer! Thanks for stopping by! The material you’re suggesting sounds very cool, although I doubt anyone would have something like that in their bin. The beauty of this is that it works no matter the material (canvas, jeans, piece of corduroy trousers etc). Anything would look nice I think!

    Sombra gadget looks very promising by the way!

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