How to make your own DIY leather bicycle grips (with wasted materials). Coming soon…

Have you seen those wonderful bicycle leather grips by walnut studiolo? I love them, but I can’t afford them. So, I made mine out of scrap material, and they look almost as impressive (the picture doesn’t do them justice). I used my girlfriend’s wrecked leather belt (any leather belt will work), a pair of worn out grips(a friend of mine throw them away because the rubber worn out and became gummy – you can use Chinese cheap ones from ebay for 3.5$ if haven’t one) and a piece of fishline I found on the beach (stray cats and dogs should be thankful I took this trap out of their way). They look awesome, they offer tons of grip, you can enjoy them for years, they cost zero money and most importantly, they will make you feel proud because YOU made them.

I will post the tutorial soon.



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