How to fix your pump’s broken thumb Lock (thumb lever)

UPDATE: New, detailed article/tutorial here
A very common problem among medium-range bicycle pumps is the broken thumb lock (thumb lever), that makes the pump completely useless no matter how little use it has. This happened to me as well on my two ways pro pump and I had to buy a new one. But lately as I was walking in the neighborhood I had the idea of using one of the countless fallen branches in the area to recreate the plastic lever (I used the same method in a different hack in the past with great success). So I did. Firstly, I pulled out the metal rod that holds the lever in place using a screw (to bang out the rod so the pliers can get a hold of it), a hammer and a pair of pliers. Then, I cut off a small piece off the branch, and using my knife I tried to recreate the shape and size of the broken plastic part that was still on the back of the pump. When the basic shape was similar, I polished it using a sandpaper. Then, with the help of a dremel, I opened the hole so the metal rod could go through and tried to see how it worked. It worked beautifully! After some more whittling and sandpapering I hand a perfect wooden thumb lock. Now the pump is usable again and it looks cool 🙂


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