How to sleep directly under the stars (without a tent)

As I wrote here recently, sleeping under the stars without a tent has its benefits. But how it’s done? Actually it’s almost as easy as sleeping on your bed. You just need 3 things: your sleeping bag, a good sleeping pad (I recommend z-rest) and two big pieces of plastic film (2×3). Firstly, you look for an area with short and not so thick vegetation, maybe near a tree. Search for areas away from animals like sheeps, goats, dogs etc (although I’ve tried that without a problem). A flat rock place could work as well. Inspect the space above you, it shouldn’t have trees so you can enjoy the stars before you fall asleep. When you find the perfect spot, you put down the first piece of plastic and under the edges you snug some rocks all around so the insects can’t come near you. On top of it you put the mattress and the sleeping bag and when you get inside ready to sleep you pull over you the second piece of plastic to protect you from the cold or rain. That’s it! Enjoy the best night of your life!

A quick setup!

Warning: it might be dangerous in some places!

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  1. aris says:

    επρεπε να γράψεις : μην το δοκιμάσετε στο σπίτι

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