Give me a bike and a backpack and I shall move the Earth


The title is the paraphrased quote of Archimedes ‘Give me a place to stand and I shall move the earth”. Since I can remember my self I ‘ve been always carrying things, groceries, bikes, furniture, luggage, bags. For some reason my life was always demanding me carrying stuff. Especially when I was a student I remember moving to a new house without the help of a professional or a car. Just me dragging tables, chairs, computers, everything. For some weird reason seemed the right thing to do. Why pay for someone else if you can do it  with your hands? Or why having to depend on a car if your legs can do it? I’m not sure till today, I am the weird on or everybody else? Few months ago, I had to move again to a new house on the hill. Same thing, me, my bike and a backpack did all the job. People were staring at me while  I was puffing like crazy climbing the hill on my bike while 4 huge bags were hanging all around me. I almost got strangled as a very annoying small bag was hanging from my neck. It was a crazy sight I suppose, but what can you do? I had to move my things!

If you have a big backpack try to fill it with things. You can get your whole life in there! Add an other backpack that you are going to wear in front of you, and things you are going to put on your rack panniers. I’m telling you, you can carry A LOT of things!

Some say that I will destroy my back and my knees, carrying all those weight so often. Well, my back and my knees look so much better than the average sofa potato’s I know, so I must do something good! I don’t want to encourage people to start carrying stuff, but in my mind you can start developing a strong back and iron knees (generally a body) with good workouts (I can suggest you some) and later on try to do what I’m describing here. Take your bicycle, go to the supermarket, load your backpack and rack with groceries and go back to feed your family 🙂

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