Most Hedonistic Story

A Story I wrote few years back for Evans cycles retro essay competion. It won a honorable mention as the “Most Hedonistic Story” and I got a collectible DVD of Tour de France history. Here it is:

When I was still a student a friend of my father from UK came to my city for two weeks to try a little bit of sea, hot sun and delicious watermelons. For his little trips around the city he bought for peanuts a second hand magnificent bike from an Italian student. He enjoyed so much his time here that he stayed to the city for 5 months(!). He used to wake up, take his bike and on the way to the beach, buy a huge watermelon, carry it all the way to the beach and open it by throwing it on the sea . Unfortunately, those magic vocations ended the day his pocket run out of money. The last day, really depressed, while I was in the University, he left his magnificent old green bike with a note in my room, and took the bus to the airport. The note was saying: “I’m leaving my loyal Italian friend to you. Please, don’t let him die miserably in your garage”. From that day the mightly Legnano and I, have visited almost every beach in Peloponnese. And I have eaten a ton of delicious watermelons.

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