How I climb 150 step stair with my bike on my back everyday

Ok, first of all, this might seem ridiculous to some people. It’s a technique to carry your bike when you climb stairs. Almost every day I have to climb a huge stair of 150 steps with the heavy greek donkey on my shoulder. It was brutal in the beginning, especially in the evenings after the training. I’ve tried the mothod I have described in this blog few months earlier, but it doesn’t work in big stairs. So I found a convenient way to carry it without abusing a part of my body. I just incorporated the Massai (tribe in Africa) technique using the neck muscles to carry heavy loads, and now it’s easier than ever.  They way I do it now, is this: Using the top tube of the bicycle I lift it up with my right hand and put it on my shoulder in an unbalanced way so weight distribution moves to the back. Using the right hand I support the weight so my shoulder doesnt feel uncomfortable and it also stops the bike from falling behind me. Now, with my head I support some of the bike weight by pressing it against my left hand that holds the stem. That’s it. Take a look ta the pics.

carrying_bicycle carrying_bicycle Bicycle_sunset

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