Project “leFteria”: The manifesto

LeFteria* is an experiment which, besides everything else, wants to answers to two basic questions “is it possible to have the best holidays of your life completely free and without having to carry stuff?” and “Can a company of people cut off every connection they have with consuming world and its appurtenances – at least temporarily?”. It’s the most valuable lesson we can be taught in collectivity, ecology, financial Independence (literally) and most importantly self-sufficiency.

What exactly does it mean though? It means fasting** , exercise and holidays .All those in the ideal dosage, I hope it is the perfect recipe that answers to the previous questions. A group of free men get their bikes and some food ( costing about 5 euros and lasts around a week –  we have lots of options ) and they begin their adventure on a route that they have planned. Accommodation will be offered by the bare land with free view on the sky (no tents).

Throughout the adventure, participants will be fasting from anything that can be bought or it is used in the vocation days (ice creams, beers, oil, burgers, soft drinks, pools, tents, french fries, crepes, souvenirs etc). That means they feed exclusively from the supplies they carry, along with fruits that they might  encounter on the journey.

For years people keep pointing out that our social economical system is doomed to fail. If that is true shouldn’t we try something else? I think this experience, if we want,  can teach us a lot!


Share the idea to start collecting data! 🙂


*leFteria: It comes from the greek words Eleftheria – (freedom) and lefta (money)

**Fasting: You can read some very interesting info about fasting here

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