9 reasons for sleeping without a tent


1. You get to watch the stars while you’re falling asleep

2. In the mornings you wake up gently by the warm sun that carress your face

3. You experience the rare feeling of freedom by sleeping directly under the sky out of cover. It’s almost supernatural feeling.

4. You don’t need to carry around your heavy tent. Big deal for cyclists.

5. It’s easier and faster to setup.

6. In the cold nights you don’t have to get up, put on your shoes and your jacket and step out of the tent to pee. You just unzip the sleeping bag and pee on the side.

7. You can sleep everywhere. Even in places that you shouldn’t… Noone will ever find you anyway

8. In mountains you experience the magic of waking up watching limitless breathtaking view. One of the most enriching feelings I have had in my life.

9. No more clostophobic sleep!

Warning: It might be dangerous in some places.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mario says:

    Plus all The bugs that you will make friends with, and moskitos you are gonna feed!

  2. Well, mosquitos very rarely disturb my sleep on the countryside. Especially on mountainous areas. It has to do with the vegetation, wind and altitude I guess. As for the bugs, I propably wouldn’t sleep without a tent in a place like Australia!

  3. kate says:

    number6, what about if you are a girl?

  4. @Kate, harder but not impossible! Just turn 45 degrees (legs part) out of the sleeping bag!

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