Kefir – the drink of champions!

When I was young my father used to prepare a weird looking mass of sponges that later he would put it in a jar with milk and leave it in a warm place for a day or so. He used to drink the fermented milk everyday. I remember drinking it sometimes and wasn’t bad at all. It tasted like watery yogurt. After many years, few months ago actually, my sister read about this very beneficial fermented milk online and she got very enthusiastic. She told me about it, I read about its incredible benefits and immediately search for its magical seeds (the little sponge looking thing). I got it for free from a man from Northern Greece (I spot him somewhere on the web, and later I found out that lots of people around the globe share their seeds for free). I started immediately with local supermarket milk and a day after I had delicious fresh kefir milk! It is a delicious, creamy, stingy yogurt like drink that benefits your body with all kind of stuff. They say it’s the best pro biotic substance you can find, and it’s full of useful vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. I’ve also read that’s amazing as post-work out recovery drink and that can cure nasty stomach related diseases. I can only say for now, that I visit the toilet way more often and that the stomach aches I used to have are gone (maybe a coincidence, I’m not sure). When I drink it in the morning, a glass of kefir feels in my stomach like a whole breakfast, it is a super food after all!

What I do lately is I make kefir with my grains, keep it in the fridge, and when I have enough I take some in my bike bottle to consume it while I’m riding. It’s very refreshing and great for the muscles as well.

It has been proposed that stimulation of the immune system may be one mechanism whereby probiotic bacteria may exert many of their beneficial effects (De Simone et al . 1991; Gill 1998) this may be a direct effect of the bacteria themselves (Cross 2002). However, peptides formed during the fermentation process or during digestion have also been shown to be bioactive, and demonstrate a variety of physiological activities, including stimulation of the immune system in animal models (LeBlanc et al. 2002; Matar et al . 2003).

Kefir milk

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