How I lock my bike (and it’s still mine)

First of all, I have an old bike, a very manly mountain bike from the 80’s, secondly it looks like a gypsy bike with all the garbage hanging on it. So the opportunistic thief won’t get into much trouble to steal it, because it has no re-selling value. But still, some greedy bastards will try to get their dirty hands on it. And for that reason I have my monsterous chain (that is cheap funnily enough)! Now, if you think about it, an old low-value bike that’s full of customized stuff locked with a huge indestructible chain, isn’t much of a bargain, is it? And don’t tell about heavy chains being difficult to carry around and all that whimper, I carry this baby for a year everyday on roads full of potholes, and I still love it to death. With a good bungee rope it doesn’t rattle and you forget you got it on your rack. AND It keeps your bike safe!

The only problem is that this kind of safe lock is not so easy to lock and unlock because you have to turn the key everytime. Forget about the quick ‘click’ of cheap locks that is. That and the bungee ropes of the rack I have undo every time I want to use the lock. It’s a pain if you want to pay a bill, or buy something very fast. For that reason I have an other descent cable lock. It’s not so safe, but it works  for very quick jobs.

So, to sum it up, old bike, big chain for longer periods, good cable lock (braided steel for cut resistance) for very quick jobs. That’s it! Check out how it looks.

It looks like a piece of contemporary art!

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