How to patch a tire (that keeps puncturing your tube)

This hack only needs garbage material, it’s easy and it solves a very annoying proplem that causes good tires to be thrown away.
The problem is a tire hole that most of the time appears on the tire base and when the wheel is pumped up it is covered by the rim. It’s probably caused by friction from many ins and outs of the tire along with tire levers abuse. So, if you have many flats and you are not careful, you will probably end up with this:


This messed up tire is going to cause you a loooot of flats. Because of the huge amounts of pressure that’s generated inside the tire champer, anything should be smooth and flat to avoid punctures. That’s why this little tear on the tire will create a hole everytime you put a tube inside it. Anyway, I fixed mine with this hack and I’m flat free two month now (and I’ve saved the life of the tire). Here is what you are you going to need:

  • needlenose pliers
  • needle
  • thread
  • A piece of an old leather belt or strap


  • a piece of a somewhat thick plastic  (little wider than the messed up area – milk container, yogurt cap etc) to support the inflated tube inside the holey tire.

Now, sew up the area of the patch that covers the injured area of the tire (just put the needle throw the tire and patch some times on the area around the damage). Use needlenose pliers to hold the needle. It should look like the picture but with MORE sewing (around the hole)!


Now put the tire and tube back on the wheel and you are ready to go! It won’t bother you for years!

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