Reclaim your old shoes

In the true spirit of bicyclosis’ don’t throw it, make it better’ I ‘ve resurrected my favorite shoes. A very old beat up pair of shoes I’ve been using on and off the bicycle for 4 years. They’ve have shown signs of abuse ofcourse, but recently they gave up after a long hike on a mountain. Two small holes appeared on the side of each shoe. These got bigger and bigger with use, along with some other wear and tear. So I decided to take action. Unfortunately I have no proper tools for cobbling, so I had to find a good cheap cobbler that could do it for me. I love those shoes dearly, they’ve been serving me beautifully for so long, why throw them away, they weren’t dead yet! So, I took them to the cobbler, he took a look, and he said he could made them new with 5 euros. And he did. This is the result.

beat up shoe beat up shoe beat up shoe

And if you worry about your looks with the repaired shoes, I would say that life is too small to think so much about how you look. 95% of people won’t even notice, a 3% will see it positively, and the 2% will think you are poor or even closefisted. This 2%, that ‘scanned’ you all the way down to your shoes, they would find something bad to say about you anyway! So, reclaim your beat up shoes and ride green, free of worries (and save some money too)!

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