How to extend world’s best DIY bicycle fenders!

After some rides on very rainy days I’ve discovered that the “best diy bicycle fenders” have a small flaw that could be fixed easily. The fenders don’t cover the wheel all the way down and that makes the water/mud to land on your back when you go very fast. But I found a very easy way to add more recycled pieces of bottle,so you’ll not have to deal with the problem.

Firstly take a look at the quick illustration I’ve made bellow:

Do you see the second wire I’ve added to support the extention? The blue wires are small pieces that used to make the construction more stable. It works like the bridge construction, same principles. That way you can make as many extentions as you like. It works wonderfully!

Check out some pictures from my bike. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time so it doesn’t look that good. But it works fine. For better results don’t use very thin plastic bottles (the one with the grooves in the picture is a thin one and it doesnt work that well). In the pictures, you can’t find the supporting wires because so far it seems to hold ok. But I suggest you to put them.

2013-12-05 09.42.33 2013-12-05 09.43.13


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