Best (formal) trousers for cycling

I’ve been cycling for years with all sorts of trousers, from shorts to formal, and I’ve never had any serious problem with them. In my opintion trousers play a small role in a comfortable or dis-comfortable ride. The important factors are the saddle and the underwear. The saddle should be made out of a not so hard-not so soft material, a slick leather cover, and should have a big groove in the middle or better a hole, so the fresh cold air can caress your blazing bollocks. The underwear should be clean and tight on your body. I would recommend sport boxer, and especially one made out of bamboo fibers, they are great for cycling.

The marketing though, wants us to push our needs to the extreme, making us looking for special garments and special gadgets, even if an everyday item can do our job perfectly. Ofcourse, if you take out the marketing bullshit, you can actually find a truth about the clothing that fits better for specific activities. You can’t, for instance, wear a formal classy pair of trousers on your daily commute. Or can you? The thing is that except from the comfort of your bum, there is also the comfort of the whole ride experience, you don’t want your trousers to limit your leg movements or to be so thick and hard that you feel like you’re wearing an armor. At the same time, when you commute to work you want to wear something serious and formal, not shorts or sweat pants.

My recommendation on this is moleskin trousers, and if you can find, moleskin with Elastane for uber comfort. They are very stylish, soft on your skin, very warm and very very durable. Moleskin is a type of cloth that was discovered by Germans and used by their soldiers in WWII. It really is magnificent material. If you choose stretchy moleskin even, you’ll be amazed by it’s properties. Forget about the marketing hype of special ‘cycling’ trousers, moleskin is the way to go!

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  1. SN says:

    First of all, I just discovered you blog and immediately became one of my favorites.
    Second, do you know where I can find moleskin trousers in Athens?

    1. Thanks for the appreciation it means a lot (να ‘σαι καλά ρε φίλε)! I don’t know much about Athens but you can find moleskin trousers in many places, you just have to know the fabric (monastiraki maybe?). It’s very soft to the touch and it feels thick. You can get an idea from this If you can find a ‘Lee’ shop, ask them for the riders line.

      1. SN says:

        How do you ask for them in Greek?

      2. I don’t think there is a translation, I’m not absolutely sure though!

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