Fix your brake center bolt (no tools, zero budget)

After years of use and abuse, the bolt that holds the brake caliber on the fork (brake center bolt) of my Legnano got unusable after loosing most of its threads. I’ve asked a lot of people what I could do without succes; you see this humble bolt plays a very very important role in the bike, without it, my bike is useless! Anyway, after months of racking my brains and asking people around, I came up with a perfect zero budget solution. I could replaced the old destroyed brake bolt with a regular bolt of the same size and two washers. One of wich is bent so it could hold the metal spring in place(it does the same job with the  little cavity you see on the bolt down bellow). And it worked! Beautifully! And it doesn’t look bad either!

Feel free to share it if you have friends with old road bikes!

Destroyed brakes bolt hack

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