Suspension seatpost: My back’s friend

My commuter has a very very old suspension seatpost which is propably the original seatpost of the bike. It’s beat up and rusty inside but it does it’s job perfectly (for almost 30 years). I love it! Everybody say that suspension seatposts are heavy and useless, but in my experience even mnine which is hardly a decent one, do wonders making it easier for my saddle, my back and my bum. Ofcourse, this is not for the serious athlete whose main concern is the weight, but for the average commuter, or cyclotourist.

And now a friendly advice for the people who are not athletes but still worrying too much about weight on their bikes. Stop worrying too mych about the weight, your bike is a transport medium that was made to your life easier and more fun. With the apropriate gear changing, experience, rythm and physical condition you will be perfectly allright on your ride even with the heaviest bike compononents on earth. So, sacrifice some lightness over comfort, and you are going fall in love with your bike once again!

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