How to fix a badly buckled wheel (or the Art of wheel whacking)

If your wheel has the misfortune to receive lateral forces, it propably going to get bent to the point of no return (it looks alike an 8). But there is a trick that if you master, you can fix any buckled wheel on the planet. It’s very simple. You turn the wheel whilst its on the bike and you mark the point where the rim is completely out of the line. Then, you loosen the spokes around the bent area and you hold it steady in a way that the marked point (the outter curve) is exposed for some good whacking. You do that while the tubes are inflated, to prevent rim damage. Check the wheel after each bashing to see how true is it. Keep doing that until the rim is true. You can easily make small adjustments later with the truing tool.

It sounds drastic but it can save your wheel!

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