The best saddle in the world?

A friend of mine ordered  the SMP selle TRK (the very weird looking one) from chainreactioncycles website. He was very enthusiastic about it because his old saddle almost castrated him. Unfortunately, although the saddle performed beautifuly for a week, it soon started to detoriate beyond belief. It seems like a hippo sat on it for a year! Full of cracks and tears, it was really a sad view. Anyway, I conviced my friend to send an email to chainreaction to tell them that the saddle is propably defective. So, he send the mail with some pictures and the amazing online store sent immediately a brand new one! And I was the lucky one who got for free an amazing but beat up saddle.

I glued it, put some duct tape so the glue won’t come off from the friction and it’s ready to go! I got to tell you, this saddle is a miracle of engineering. Apart from being by far the most comfortable saddle I have ever tried, it’s super nut-friendly to the point that I bet is more healthy for your manhood to sit on that saddle than a usual chair. The only downside is the pseudo-leather it has for a cover. It’s shockingly fragile for everyday use. Sometimes I have the urge to take it out and put it on my desk as a decorative object to remind me what could be the best saddle ever. Unfortunately the cheap materials are not good enough.

However, I’ve got to mention this, the other reviewers on the website don’t seem to complain about it. I don’t know what’s going on. The new saddle showed exaclty the same wear and tear signs. So, it’s not a coincidence.

Defective or bad quality
Defective or bad quality pseudo-leather?


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