In the footsteps of Erymanthian Boar

After some long time we decided that we should visit the mythical mountain of Erymanthos once again. So, I designed a poster to attract some new cyclicts and organized the trip for yesterday. We needed a day to cycle over to the mountain , climb it for 3-4 hours to reach 600 m and find a good leeward place to sleep. The next day we would be on the summit, descent and departure, so we could be in our houses by night. This is the common practice when we cycle to the mountains or any other place. We call it “Inkeeperian longing” in free english translation. It’s just a wonderful and wild way to explore nature, enjoy company, cycling, view, wild fruits etc (I will write more about this in about me section). And ofcourse, it’s absolutely free. You just grab your bike, start early, visit a destination, spend the night there (wihout a tent if it’s possible), and come back full of vibrant memories. This spcific Inkeeperian Longing was called ‘In the footsteps of Erymanthian Boar’ because of the mythical monster that lived in this mountain and Hercules had to killed in one of his challenges. Every project must have a title/name with a reference to a legend or a myth of that place. This way the expedition has mystique that get you excited to explore and relive the legend and also make the participants learn more about the history and the mythology of the place they’re going to visit.

Anyway, unfortunately the trip had to be canceled right after we reached the mountain (45km) because a fellow cyclist had an accident and injured himself. So we had to go back and visit the hospital for some stitches. The mountain was glorious thought, and I can’t wait to visit it again, having more luck this time!

The poster
The poster
Spartia: beautiful mountainous village
Spartia: beautiful mountainous village
Mine and an other cyclists bike looking over the mountains as the sun starts to go down
Our bikes waiting for some more action as the sun is setting

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