Philippos’ amazing bicycle

This is my friend’s philippos amazing bicycle. It is a full suspension mongoose that he bought it second hand few years ago, and since then he added a lot of crazy (and heavy) stuff on it to make it more and more convinient for his daily commute (6 km in total). He also put a road bike disc so he can outrun the cars which he hates (he very very rarely uses the family car).

It has a horn from a motorcycle which is quite powerfull. A huge aluminium rack custom made by him (he owns a CNC machine that he put it together by himself) specifically for his full suspension bicycle. It can easily carry a person. Aluminium carriers for transporting big rods and stuff. Front and rear adjustable megalights that many times people confuse them for trucks lights because of the sheer blinding power they have.

Also for holidays and easy rides he has big speakers that play music from his phone and solar panel to charge his huge batteries, cellphone, etc! Check out the pics!

Philippos' bicycle - lights Philippos' bicycle -speakers, rods carriers, electronics Philippos' bicycle - solar panel

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