Repair a broken plastic mirror (Cat Eye’s most famous one)

Cat eye’s plastic mirrors are ok but they almost always break. So I found a way to keep the base, purchase a new cheap chinese mirror from ebay (just type bicycle mirror and choose the cheapest one – 1.26$) and connect the two someway. Here its how I made it.

Firstly this is the part that broke. Its the plastic thing that makes the mirror movable. You tighten the plastic base with a screw and the plastic ball (which it is attached to the actual mirror) stays in place. This little plastic rod that connects the ball with the mirror will eventually brake in your mirror. So follow the steps and make a better and stronger one.

plastic ball

Here are the steps to make the new one! If you have any questions post them in the comments section.
How to

Here how it looks (painted black to look even). I’ve done some big trips with it and I can say it works wonderfully (and it’s very very durable).

how it looks


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