Can you hike/climb on sandals?


Last weeked me and a friend were driving around a mountain trying to find a source of a waterful. Unfortunately we were running out of gas so we decided to park the car and start climb the mountain from its rough side and see where we will end up. Ofcourse, as a sandal ‘enthousiast’ I was wearing a cheap pair of Karrimor sandalsbecause I wasn’t prepare for climbing. After 10 mins climbing up I 100% sure that I made a stupid mistake. The rocky surface was brittle and very difficult to find good grip spots on without having the whole mountain fall onto your head. My friend wasn’t willing to stop ofcourse, so I kept following him to the first flat area. After 5 to 6 agonizing hours (my feet were full of thorns) we found our way back to the car. As much as I love sandals, they are not a good choice when it comes to difficult terrain!



The broken seatpost


This Sunday was scheduled to compete in a mountain bike race of 43 km on the mountainous area across my city. I have been competing for years in that specific race because I love the place. Unfortunately this time the race was cancelled due to some problems of the organizing team getting the permit on time. So, me and two friends decided to ride on the top of a mountain near by. Unfortunately again, my seatpost broke (!) so we had to stay on a nice rocky ledge with great view, eat some spaghetti and come back. Even after the disappointments, he had great time. Man, you can’t have a bad day in nature (on a bike)! I wish I could go ever other day, but again if your eyes are not tired of computer work, your brain is not roasted from everyday problems, and your body is not rusty from stillness, you can’t appreciate a mountain!

Not very clear atmosphere today, but still,, the view is nice

Relaxing my tired eyes...

Relaxing my tired eyes…

Oops! Forgot the fork again!

Oops! Forgot the fork again!

I need to start loosing weight...

I need to start loosing weight…

The supernatural ride


A bike experience that has not been appreciated or documented as much as it deserves is the bike rides on mountains or hills close to the cities during the night. It’s almost a supernatural thing. If you have watched the film ‘the void’ you probably remember the scene when the soul flies over the city to the dark sky. It’s one of those scenes that stuck in your mind forever. So beautiful and powerful and dark and sad and weird, it almost made me depressed that day. But anyway, these kind of feelings I get every time I am on a mountain that’s close to a city and I can see the city lights as I’m pedaling uphill. Like I just left my physical body in this noisy city and I’m floating towards the stars where everything is better.